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In just a few short lessons, you will learn why your loved one is behaving the way they are and what you can do to help.

The Person You Love is Disappearing, and This New Person is Difficult!

If your loved one has Alzheimer's Disease or another type of dementia, you know the challenges.

So does Judi Kelly Cleary. For over twenty-five years she has worked directly with people who have dementia, so she knows what works.

And for over ten years she has training both professional and family caregivers to care for people with dementia, so she knows what you need to know.

Let her teach you what to do, in this online course:

"Alzheimer's and Other Dementia - What to Know, What to Do"

This online, on-demand course will walk you through every step to successfully provide the support your loved one needs!

Each lesson contains a video and a written transcription.

Do the course at your own pace, on your own schedule, on any device with an internet connection! 

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Each lesson includes written text with the lesson contents


Each lesson includes a lively, concise video - with audio - delivering the course lesson

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Enjoy These Benefits of Taking This Course

Learn Why this is happening

Understand the physical changes in your loved one's brain that are causing their behavior changes

communicate effectively

Know why your loved one doesn't understand what you say or can't tell you what they want, and learn how to communicate more easily

Resolve difficult behaviors

Detect the cause of your loved one's difficult behaviors and design an effective solution

Course Modules

Here's what your course contains


Lessons 1: Introduction

Meet your educator and learn the course content.


Lesson 2: Dementia Causes, Symptoms, and Progression

Learn why this is happening to your loved one and what you can expect in the future.


Lesson 3: How the Brain Works and Stages of Dementia

Understand what is actually happening in your loved one's brain so you can more effectively design ways to assist both them and you.


Lesson 4: Enhancing Communication with a Person Who Has Dementia

Learn why your loved one has trouble understanding what you say or telling you want they need, and what you can do to enhance communication.


Lesson 5: Understanding Behaviors and Changes in Personality of a Person with Dementia

Learn to determine the cause of your loved one's challenging behaviors and how to find practical ways to meet their needs.  


Lesson 6: Creating an Effective Environment for a Person Who Has Dementia

Learn why your loved one has difficulty navigating their environment, and how you can create a supportive environment.


Lesson 7: Next Steps after This Course

How to get further assistance.

About Your Educator

Judi Kelly Cleary is a Certified Dementia Practioner, a Licensed Assisted Living Administrator, and a nationally certified Activities Director .

For over 25 years Judi has worked directly with people who have dementia.

For over 10 years Judi has trained both professional and family caregivers on how to effectively and compassionately care for people with dementia.

Don't Delay - Don't Regret!

If you're concerned about your elderly loved one, you already know that your time with them is limited. Don't spend that time worrying and feeling guilty, and don't be left with regret that you didn't do enough, especially when it is so easy to learn exactly what to do!

The time and money you invest in this course will be miniscule compared to the guilt and frustration you will avoid by gaining a better understanding of what your loved one is experiencing and what they need.  


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What's the Alternative?

As a loved one of a person with dementia, you know you will invest time and energy in your loved one's care. The question is: how will spend that time and energy?

Without knowledge of why your loved one is behaving the way they do, you are guessing about what to do and hoping something will work, all the while feeling frustrated, resentful, and guilty.


for less time than one plane ride to manage an emergency

for less cost than two hours of home care or assisted living

You can have the expert knowledge that will help you design practical, effective solutions!

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