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Are you arguing with your loved one, spouse, or siblings about eldercare?

Most people do...

You can Stop Arguing with your Elderly Loved One and Still Get Them the Care They Need!

Even if you've failed in the past!

In this easy online course, I'll show you why most families argue about eldercare and why you don't have to!

This is knowledge you can't afford to be without...

Elizabeth Swider, Geriatric Care Manager

You've Been Trying to Help, But...

...your loved one says they don't need any help, or're siblings disagree with your solutions, or

...your spouse and kids resent all the time you spend managing your loved one's crises, or

...your boss is losing patience with your absences from work 

All of this has you feeling frustrated, guilty, and resentful. And unfortunately if you don't do something different it's likely to get worse. 

Eldercare disagreements can ruin marriages, destroy sibling relationships, and wreck careers. It can alienate you from your children during those tenuous teenage years.

Perhaps worst of all, it can ruin the relationship with the loved one you are trying so desperately to help. 

There is a better way!

During my 15+ years as a professional geriatric care manager, I've learned why most families argue about eldercare and why they don't have to.

I can easily teach you what to do, in my online course:

Finding Common Ground:

How to Gain Agreement on Eldercare Decisions Even if You Have Failed in the Past"

This online, on-demand course will walk you through every step to understand why your arguments are happening and how to stop them!

Each lesson contains written instructions and an accompanying video.

Downloadable templates save you time.

When you finish, you'll have a care agreement with your loved ones, and you will have improved your relationships with them during the process! 

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When you sign up, you create a login and password and gain immediate access to the course.

Take lessons any time on your computer, tablet, or phone - anywhere you have access to the internet.

Most lessons are less than 15 minutes long

When you finish the course you will have a care agreement with your loved ones!


Each lesson includes written text with the lesson contents


Each lesson includes a lively, concise video - with audio - delivering the course lesson


Lessons assignments include downloadable templates in pdf or Google Docs formats

Enjoy These Benefits of Taking This Course

better relationships

Bring your family back together again

better care options

Identify the most efficient and effective care options for your situation - some of which you may never have heard of or thought about

stop worrying

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your care choices are meeting your goals

About Your Educator

Elizabeth Swider has been a practicing geriatric care manager for over 15 years, helping people just like you  find win-win solutions to the challenges of long distance caregiving.

She trains care managers at Care is There, the company she founded.

Elizabeth is also a long distance caregiver herself. Her elderly parents live in their own home in another state.

Course Modules

Here's what your course contains


Lessons 1-4: Why Families Argue About Eldercare

You'll learn why arguments about eldercare are so common, and how to understand the source of your arguments with your loved one, siblings, spouse, kids, and boss. You'll learn to recognize different perspectives on eldercare, and why they often conflict.


Lessons 5-6: Finding Common Ground

You'll learn how to identify common goals, and how easy it can be to create care solutions to meet them. You may even find care solutions that cost less, are more effective, and are easier to agree on than any you had thought about before!


Lessons 6-7: Gaining Agreement

You'll learn how to get your loved one to listen to you, even if you have failed in the past! And using our templates, you will summarize your agreements and be ready to move forward together in a supportive way!

What Our Clients Say

Long Distance Caregiver

United Kingdon

"Invaluable, both practically and emotionally..."

"Having a knowledgeable, thoughtful, caring, resourceful, patient, warm person supporting us in advocating for our mother was invaluable both practically and emotionally"

Long Distance Caregiver

Boston, MA

"Worth every penny..."

"Elizabeth was an invaluable help to my siblings and I as we navigated the uncharted waters of the final six complex, harrowing, frustrating years of our late mother’s life. We all agree, she was worth every penny."

Long Distance Caregiver

Washington, D.C.

"Showed me a new way to view my mother..."

"During my mother’s last years and even after she died, Elizabeth mattered to me because she showed me a new way to view my mother. I know that these characteristics of Elizabeth herself -- her amicable presentation, her talent for creating communication networks, and her ability to see the beauty in any personality -- infuse the business that she has developed."

How Much Would You Pay to Preserve Your Family?

You care about your elderly loved one and your family, or you wouldn't be reading this! And I have a feeling you know how easy it is to start arguing with them...

We both know that your time with your elderly loved one is limited, and that you want to enjoy your remaining time together and be proud of the support you gave them in their later years.

And I know that a few simple exercises can change your perspective and - almost magically - make it easier to agree on care options

The time and money you invest in this course is miniscule compared to the value of having a peaceful family, united when times get rough!  


Amazing value!


One-time charge, no recurring fees

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What's the Alternative?

As a long distance caregiver, you know you will invest time and energy in your loved one's care. The question is: how will spend that time and energy?

Without a change in the eldercare conversation, it's likely the arguments will become more bitter and the damage harder to repair.


for less time than one plane ride to manage an emergency

for less cost than four hours of home health care

You can have a close relationship with your loved one and peace of mind about their care! 

I'm so happy to share our knowledge with you!

Over my years as a geriatric care manager, I've seen so many long distance caregivers struggle, simply due to lack of knowledge!

I'm delighted to share our experience with you, and I look forward to hearing about the relief and healing that I know this course will bring you!

Elizabeth Swider
Elizabeth Swider, Geriatric Care Manager