You Can Provide Meaningful Support for your Elderly Loved One Even if You Live Far Away!

In this step-by-step online course, I'll teach you exactly what you need to know to build a care team, pay for care, make the most of your visits, and be ready for emergencies!

Elizabeth Swider, Geriatric Care Manager

You're Concerned About Your Loved One, But Not Sure Exactly How to Help...

Did your loved one have a recent fall, health crisis, or accident that has thrown you suddenly into a caregiver role?

Were you alarmed at your loved one's health or living conditions when you last visited them?

Are you walking on eggshells, wanting to help but not wanting to interfere?

Is a sibling pressuring you to help but you don't know what to do?

Are you dreading the next phone call, afraid it will be an emergency you will have to handle?

These are very common concerns - as professional geriatric care managers, we see them all the time.  Long distance caregiving is a specialty - there is no reason you would know how to do this without being taught! 

Don't wait until these problems develop into full-blown family fights, ruining your home and work life!

I can easily teach you what to do, in my online course:

"The Pro Guide to Becoming a Successful Long Distance Caregiver"

This online, on-demand course will walk you through every step to successfully provide the support your loved one needs!

Each lesson contains written instructions and an accompanying video.

Downloadable templates save you time.

When you finish, you'll be an efficient, effective long distance caregiver, operating with all the tips and tricks of the pros! Your loved ones will be amazed and thankful

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

When you sign up, you create a login and password and gain immediate access to the course.

Take lessons any time on your computer, tablet, or phone - anywhere you have access to the internet.

Most lessons are less than 15 minutes long

When you finish the course you will have a care plan that is ready for you to implement!


Each lesson includes written text with the lesson contents


Each lesson includes a lively, concise video - with audio - delivering the course lesson


Lessons assignments include downloadable templates in pdf or Google Docs formats

Enjoy These Benefits of Taking This Course

build a great care team

Effectively utilize local and long distance caregivers, and even incorporate your loved one's social circle!

be prepared for emergencies and changes

Know what do do when things change, so you won't have to worry about what's next

Feel proud of your contribution

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are giving your loved one the very best support, even from a distance!

Course Modules

Here's what your course contains


Lessons 1-4: Get the Permission and Access You Need

The most powerful contribution a long distance caregiver can make is as an advocate for the care of there loved one. These lessons teach you how to determine who has authority to make decisions for your loved one in various situations, and how to get practical access for convenience and for emergencies.


Lesson 5: How to Build an Effective Care Team

You'll learn which care roles are best done by local caregivers and which can be done very effectively by the long distance caregiver. I'll give you practical ways you can use your loved one's existing social circles to give them - and you - helpful support, and how to utilize professional caregiving resources.


Lesson 6: How to Pay for Care

I'll explain Medicare and Medicaid coverage, long term care insurance, veteran's benefits, reverse mortgages, and resources like employee assistance programs.


Lesson 7-8: How to Make the Most of Your Visits

When you are able to visit your loved one, you'll want to make the most of it! I'll give you pro tips about how to make the most out of doctor's appointments, how to reconnect with local caregivers and make the feel appreciated, how to build your informal care team, and more!


Lesson 9: How to Prepare for a Medical Emergency

I'll give you practical instructions for be prepared for a medical emergency, including what information to have on hand and where to keep it. Using our templates, you'll prepare a medication list and medical history form that emergency responders can use to guide their medical care.  


Lesson 10: How to Support Local Caregivers

Local caregivers, whether formal or informal, are a critical part of the care team. I'll give you specific ways you can express your appreciation in ways that mean the most to each person.


Lesson 11: How to Recognize Abuse and Fraud

I'll teach you the ways you can detect physical or financial abuse, fraud, and neglect and how to address it.


Lesson 12: How to Know When Your Loved One Needs Additional Help

You'll learn how to recognize the signs that your loved one needs additional help, and how to take their care plan to the next step.

About Your Educator

Elizabeth Swider has been a practicing geriatric care manager for over 15 years, helping people just like you  find win-win solutions to the challenges of long distance caregiving.

She trains care managers at Care is There, the company she founded.

Elizabeth is also a long distance caregiver herself. Her elderly parents live in their own home in another state.

What Our Clients Say

Long Distance Caregiver


"An extraordinary resource..."

"Care is There is an extraordinary resource for compassionate and professional support to assist with the many complicated needs of elderly parents"

Long Distance Caregiver

Boston, MA

"Worth every penny..."

"Elizabeth was an invaluable help to my siblings and I as we navigated the uncharted waters of the final six complex, harrowing, frustrating years of our late mother’s life. We all agree, she was worth every penny."

Senior Care Professional


"The most comprehensive knowledge..."

"Elizabeth Swider, owner of Care Is There, a geriatric management company, is an excellent resource for solutions concerning the needs for the senior community. I have worked with Elizabeth for several years and find that she and her staff have the most comprehensive knowledge and resources for local health care and related topics for the 55+ population."

Don't Delay - Don't Regret!

If you're concerned about your elderly loved one, you already know that your time with them is limited. Don't spend that time worrying and feeling guilty, and don't be left with regret that you didn't do enough, especially when it is so easy to learn exactly what to do!

You're probably feeling the strain on your family and your job already, and you can't afford to damage those relationships needlessly.

The time and money you invest in this course will be miniscule compared to the funds you will save by choosing the right solutions, and the relationships you will save by having a viable care plan!  


Amazing value!


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What's the Alternative?

As a long distance caregiver, you know you will invest time and energy in your loved one's care. The question is: how will spend that time and energy?

Without a plan, you will scramble from one crisis to the next, hoping you can get through the current one without too much damage to your relationships and your wallet.


for less time than one plane ride to manage an emergency

for less cost than one day of home care or assisted living

You can have a the knowledge that gives you peace of mind!

Start Your Course Today

Have a custom care plan in as soon as a week

I'm so happy to share our knowledge with you!

Over my years as a geriatric care manager, I've seen so many long distance caregivers struggle, simply due to lack of knowledge!

I'm delighted to share our experience with you, and I look forward to hearing about the relief and healing that I know this course will bring you!

Elizabeth Swider
Elizabeth Swider, Geriatric Care Manager